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‘It’s a crazy big deal!’ Sarah McLachlan to sing O Canada at Raptors-Warriors game


Vancouver might not have an NBA team anymore, but it will have a sliver of representation on the floor at Game 6 of the NBA finals Thursday night in Oakland thanks to Sarah McLachlan.

The Vancouver singer — who is also a huge basketball fan — will perform the Canadian anthem at Oracle Arena where the Toronto Raptors can make history by clinching the NBA title with a win over the Golden State Warriors.

“It’s a crazy big deal,” said McLachlan, speaking from the Vancouver Airport where she was about to board her flight to California.

“We as Canadian don’t get that many opportunities to celebrate being Canadian … and I love that I get to represent, in a small way, my country.”

McLachlan said the NBA approached her about singing the anthem before the series began, but the only date she could swing with her busy schedule was June 13. 

She says her approach to O Canada will be straight up.

“Quite frankly, everyone just wants you to get on with it to get to the game,” she said. “So, I’m just going to sing it and I’m going to let the crowd sing. I’m sure there will be a lot of Canadians there to help.” 

McLachlan doesn’t plan to wear her Raptors jersey until after the anthem is done.

And while the anthem will be a thrill, she’s just as excited to watch the game in person.

“I hope that they win because they’ll never forgive me if they don’t,” she laughed.

Patrick Monahan from the San Francisco rock band Train will sing the American anthem.

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