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How to play Omaha Poker

What is Omaha Poker?Omaha poker is one of the most popular poker variants. For many poker players who start out learning how to play Texas hold'em, Omaha is often the next game they learn to play, in part because Omaha poker is somewhat similar to hold'em in the way the game is played.There are different types of Omaha poker games, the two most popular being pot-limit Omaha (which we are focusing on here) and Omaha hi-lo. You can read about

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Top 10 poker myths

There are many myths about the game of poker, and players can make vital mistakes trusting these misconceptions. Therefore, today let's cover some of the most known poker myths and make sure you know why they aren't valid.10. Poker is gamblingMany players compare poker to games of chance. I am not saying it is better or worse, but it is fundamentally different. Everyone who knows Texas Hold’em poker rules understands that you play this game against other players instead of

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